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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mount Siyeh and Piegan Mountain, Glacier National Park

On Piegan Mountain with Siyeh in the background.
Later in the week that Jen and Ellie were gone, I spent a couple of nights in my Mom's condo in Big Fork and climbed Mountain Siyeh and Piegan Mountain on the day in-between. It was a great day, with fantastic weather, physical and mental challenge, and no hitches. Except that near the summit of Siyeh, which is one of six 10,000+ footers in Glacier, there were six grizzly bears digging for army cutworm moths. I hooked up with a couple of other hikers and we summited without incident, but there were some tense moments.  On the way down from Siyeh, about an hour from the car and at 2pm, I felt good and wanted to lengthen the day, so I opted to hike up to Piegan Pass, then headed off trail to the pass between Piegan and Polluck Mountains, and then finally, summitted Piegan Mountain. I then retraced my steps back to my car at Siyeh Bend, arriving at 6pm. It was a long but uplifting day. 
Piegan Mountain (left) and Polluck Mountain (right) from the Piegan Pass. 
My hiking partners on the summit of Siyeh

Another shot from the summit of Siyeh.

Cracker Lake below.

And again.
Looking out toward the Plains from the summit of Siyeh.

Taking photos of bears.

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