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Monday, February 27, 2012

A Week or So of Great Skiing

The skiing at the Bowl has been varying degrees of great these past couple of weeks, culminating in powder days and a handful of near-perfect runs this past weekend. To glut oneself on skiing is a privilege few have the opportunity to enjoy, and we in Missoula have that chance, even if not many take it.

We've been loving the proximity of Snowbowl to town. Jen and I have been going up on Friday afternoons for an end-of-the-week catharsis.

Jen took these shots of me on Saturday morning (2/25), when there were few folks given the quality of the skiing.

West Bowl chute from Patrol Shack
Closer to Jen, spraying her with powder (got in her gloves).
Ha ha!
And looking down the hill toward the base.