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Friday, July 14, 2017

Great White, Pintler Peak 10282

Lake of the Isle and Great White. Photo by Dan Saxton. This photo inspired my pilgrimage to Great White.
This past week, Jen and Ellie left on a road trip to the Oregon Coast (girls only), so I headed over to the Butte area to see my Mom, spend a couple of nights in her Fairmont condo, and get into the Pintlers. On the way over, I made a pilgrimage to one of my favorite high country areas, the Storm Lake/Twin Lakes region of the Pintlers. This time, inspired by some photos of Peak 10,282, or Great White, taken by Dan Saxton a couple of years back (including the photo above), I decided to make an attempt at that peak. It was a good choice. Great White is a beautiful mountain, and it is remote, requiring several miles of off-trail travel to get to. I started at the Twin Lakes trailhead, hiked to lower Twin Lake, and then took the spur trail to Lake of the Isle, a gem of a lake. From there, I headed off-trial into the next drainage north, climbed this drainage to near it's head, and then went strait up the southern flank of Great White. The round trip outing required 16 miles and 4000 feet of gain. Pudge and I were pretty worked by the end of it. 

I want to explore this part of the Pintlers more. Despite the fact that it is not within the Wilderness area, it is remote and feels wild. 

Great White from Lake of the Isle.

Mount Haggin from Great White. The ridge walk over looks primo.
Quite a summit cairn for such a remote peak.
Walking down the south east ridge (and easier ascent route), looking at Short Peak.
Short Peak and Peak 10378 on the right. The east flank of Mount Evans can be seen in the back right.

Another shot of the ridge out to Mount Haggin - looks fun-as!

Great White from the basin just to its south.

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