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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Copenhagen Journal #18: New Years

Three photos of a water trough tunnel that we hiked through. Jen is barely visible in the lower-right of the last photo.
As the New Year approached, it became clear that Ellie was lukewarm about going to Finland. Given that the Nordic darkness was feeling increasingly oppressive to Jen and I, and we had been to Finland twice already this year, we made a last minute change to our travel plans, deciding to go to the Canary Islands instead. 

The Canary Islands are off of the cost of Africa and are part of Spain. I had heard stories about high-rise hotels and beaches filled with tourists, so I resisted going there. But it isn't hard to get off-the-beaten path. We found an Airbnb in the small beach town Puerto de Guimar, and we seem to be the only English speakers here. Our place is across the street from the beach and there is some good hiking nearby. It's been relaxing, though the relative idleness of the last couple of weeks has been difficult for me.     

It's been great having Ellie with us. Although she won't admit it, I'm pretty sure the relative ease and higher quality food has been good for her. She'll be ready to hit it hard again once we're home. She starts school the day after we arrive, this coming Thursday.

Looking back on 2018, it's a year that's been filled with the gamut, from failure to accomplishment. Highlights for me are my book, the four months in Denmark, fruitful marriage work with Jen, and the kids out of the house and in school. 

This is my last 'Copenhagen Journal' entry. It's been an amazing four months, which will be hard to top in Australia, but we'll try. A Spotify mix of the music I've listened to most while living in Denmark can be linked to HERE. The only glaring absences, which didn't fit in with the rest of the mix, are songs from Dr. Dre's Compton and Earl Sweatshirt's Some Rap Songs.

On the summit of Tiede, Canary Islands, the highpoint of Spain.
Jen put this together this 'highlights of 2019' for me to post on Facebook.

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